Nothing Is Impossible

nothing is impossible the last spartan

I Am Angry.

I am angry at our human society, I am angry at all of my teachers and all of my schools/university, I am angry at the media, I am angry at my relationships, I am angry at my parents, I am angry at my friends….. I am angry at everyone.  

Most of my life everyone around me have tried to keep me in their box.  In their matrix, in their jail and in their spectrum on consciousness. They told me what to do, what to read, what to watch, what to believe, how to think, what to think and how to act.   By doing so and without realization they stole a little bit of my humanity. 

Everyone wanted to keep me at their level.  They stopped me, they scared me, they put limitations and guidelines on my being, they threw their fears, disappointments and failures in my face and told me that it was impossible. They told me not to even try.  

God forbid if I succeed,  have a better life and show people what is possible.  Very few people have really/truly tried to build me up and/or to encourage me. No one has truly ever wanted to help me without trying to get something out of me. Everyone had an ulterior motive.

That’s fine, that’s human nature.  I am 100% certain that you find yourself in the same situation.  We all live in this same toxic environment.  But let’s go ahead and try to change that…….

I am here to tell you that nothing is impossible. There are no limits to you. You can be and you can achieve anything you want to achieve. The walls you see around yourself are simply imaginary. They exist only in your mind.  The fear that is holding you back is not even there.  It’s a cloud of make-believe gas.  There is no one (except yourself) that is holding you back. Even your excuses are figment of your imagination.  

Do you want to be rich? Go and get rich, there is a million different businesses that you can start right now. Do you want to go live in China for a year?   Get off your ass, buy a plane ticket and go do it. Mostly likely nothing will even change while you are gone. Do you dream about having a drunken orgy with two sheep and a monkey….. go for it, who am I to judge or try to stop you.   

Don’t let others judge you or put you in their box.  You are capable of unbelievable things. There is no limits to your human condition. You are infinite and without barriers. That realization alone should totally transform your life.  Live the rest of your life in absolute bliss and happiness while being able to achieve whatever it is that you want out of life.  Guaranteed.

Nothing is impossible. Go do and be whatever the hell it is that you want to be.   

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