The 5 Top Secret Things You Need If You Want to Live In Absolute Bliss 24/7

It was late afternoon as I was coming down the mountain on my way to a small town about 15 km away.  I was dirty, exhausted and hungry.  I have spent the last 5 days and nights sitting on top of a desolate mountain,  reading, fasting and meditating.  All my mind could think of at the time is what kind of food I would eat once I get into town.

As I struggled to move my exhausted and starving muscles one step at a time a Jeepney driver pulled up next to me and asked, ” Hey man, where are you going?”

” Banaue ” I replied.

” Get in, I will give you a ride, only 400 pesos ($10)”

“Nah, thanks man, I want to walk”

“Ok, 200 pesos”

“It’s Okay, I need some exercise, I want to walk”

“Ok,  big discount for you, 50 pesos ($1)”

“Thanks buddy, but I really want to walk, it’s not about the money”.

“Big rain is coming” as he pointed to a huge black cloud gathering behind me.    

“That’s okay” I said.

The driver just shook his head as he pulled away, probably thinking “Dumb Ass Crazy American”.

big storm

I kept walking towards the town on this isolated mountain road until the big black cloud finally caught up to me.  I barely had enough time to wrap my backpack in a plastic tarp.  The rain came down fast and hard.  Within 30 seconds I was soaked. 

There was nowhere to hide nor did I want to.  That is exactly what I wanted.  I had to keep walking, I had to face this challenge and overcome it. I have made a promise to myself that I will hike into town.   Now I had to push my exhausted mind and body for another 12 km in heavy storm. I had to make it and nothing on this earth except my death would stop me.  

The intensity of the rain and wind was severe to say the least.   There I was, incredibly hungry, exhausted, soaking wet, barely able to walk, rain and wind pounding me from every direction, constant lightning strikes as close as 100 yards away, my life could end at any second…….yet internally I was in absolute bliss and ecstasy. 

The outside world and my circumstances at the time had absolutely no impact on me.  My internal being couldn’t be happier. I was flying. Nothing could impact me.  If death came from a landslide on either side of the mountain or from a direct strike of lightning to the head, I would welcome it with open hands.  I could care less.

What’s the point of all of this?

Whether it is an actual physical storm or a proverbial assault on your being from depression, failure, anger, hate, your circumstances, your thoughts, your environment, your job, etc….. I am here to tell you that it is absolutely possible to live in pure bliss and happiness irregardless of what is happening around you or TO YOU. Let me show you how.

Here are the 5 things you need to do if you wish to achieve such a state

#1. Give Up Trying To Be The Best: 

Society puts a tremendous amount of pressure on us. From birth our parents teach us that we must win, win, win.  Our society teaches us that you have to be the best in kindergarten,  the best in high school, the best speller, the best in math, the best at sports. You must win at any cost. The world is very competitive.

Of course, you know what that leads too. Sleepless nights, stress, frustration, disappointment, failure, depression, etc….  To live in happiness you must give up trying to be the best.  Stop and think for a second. Why do you need to achieve something, why do you always have to win?  

I Win You Lose

You don’t.  Your success or happiness in life has nothing to do with being the best.  It’s a simple thought  that we have been programmed with from birth, but…… it is killing us slowly.  Once you give it up a mountain of pressure will fall from your shoulders, giving you more freedom and happiness in the process.

#2. Let It All Go & Stop Fighting:

Just as above, we are well too vested in our own lives. God forbid that a barista at a Starbucks forget to put caramel on top of your daily caramel macchiato. It will be the end of the world. It will ruin your day and in return you will make sure that the barista pays for it as well by ruining her/his day.

Don’t sweat the small stuff man. Just stop carrying about little things in your life first and then move on to the bigger ones as you progress. Assume, “It is what it is attitude” and stop fighting life so hard.  When you do, you will notice an immediate transformation and relaxation.

You will notice that life begins to flow and becomes more positive if don’t fight FOR or against something.  Not only that, once it begins to flow, you life will take you to unimaginable heights.

#3. Kill Your Brain:  

You must understand that in majority of the cases your brain is your enemy and as such must be destroyed. Yes, it is helpful when you are dying from starvation, but in the majority of the time it brings nothing but negative thoughts and feelings into your life. The problem is, most people are unaware of it.

First, you must become aware of such a revelation and begin watching your thoughts.  What you will notice almost immediately is that most of your thoughts are negative.  They bring nothing but fear, depression, anger, hate, jealousy, etc… into your life.

no brain allowed last spartan

Understand this and kill your brain. Well, more like shut it down Or simply learn to ignore your thoughts. You will be surprised how fast your life changes in a positive way once you understand this simple tool.

#4. Separate Yourself:

This is not some religious or new age mambo jumbo. This is a reality from my own experience.  We, as human beings, are not our minds, our bodies or our souls. You must separate yourself from this physical realm and understand that you are much more than some flesh, bone and brain.

It is difficult to explain in written language, but we are a potential of sorts. We are universal consciousness, united as one and then separated (well more like  conditioned ) into billions of little pieces.

Just think for a second how blissful your life would be if you knew and have experienced this fact.  Nothing and I mean nothing in this world will impact you any longer. Happiness and bliss would be your natural state.  

#5. Accept All Fears:  

At the end of the day all fears have 1 common denominator fear. That fear is the fear of death.  However, death and life are the same.  It is just a different side of the same coin.

Listen, there is no way to avoid death.  We will all die. Some sooner than other and maybe under worse circumstances, but there is no avoiding it. Death is the great equalizer.  Better yet, death is not the end, but a beginning.  It is similar to waking up in a higher dimension after a long and weird dream (dream being your actual life in this case).

Once you accept this ultimate fear of death, all fears will disappear from your life. And when all fears disappear you will live in absolute bliss and happiness.

As you combine and implement the 5 points above, your life will turn into an absolute stream of happiness, bliss and ecstasy. I guarantee it. The best part is…. with such a mindset and feeling within yourself…….nothing will be impossible to you as you will be able to achieve anything and everything you wish.



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