What You Ought To Know About Failing & Moving On

Chapter 2: MY STORY (The Fall & Rise From The Ashes)


A person who never made a mistake
never tried anything new.
-Albert Einstein 

My heart rate is incredibly fast, my breathing is heavy, my whole body is shaking uncontrollably, and my mind is flying at a million miles per hour…. unable to concentrate on anything.

I am  sitting in a comfortable leather chair in my home office, right in front of my PC. It is another beautiful and sunny summer day in San Diego. The wind is playing gently with my open window blinds while the birds sing somewhere in the distance.

As I look down at my right hand I see a 9mm S&W handgun in my tight grip. The safety is off, the gun is fully loaded and ready to go. About 30 seconds ago I have loaded the chamber and I am now just a few seconds away from raising my hand, putting the gun up to my temple and pulling the trigger.

I am 27 years old and 2 hours ago I was completely destroyed mentally, financially and physically after losing all of my money in the stock market. I am now broke in every imaginable and unimaginable way. My millions are gone and I have just destroyed my business, 7 years of incredibly hard work and personal sacrifice.  My entire life’s work up to that point is laying in smoldering ruins all around me.

What’s worse is that my own mind is waging a full out Shock & Awe attack on my being. Viciously and repeatedly MY MIND states, “Come on you looser, you have just destroyed your life, there is no point in living, you are better off just killing yourself, come on, bring that gun up and pull the trigger. Come on, kill yourself, kill, kill, kill.”

Yet, I hesitate. In the last few seconds a tiny part of me (maybe 1% of my being) screams out “What the fuck are you doing? Put the gun down and get out.” In a single moment of clarity that day, I do just that and save my own life. (To read the full story of what happened, click here) 


He is richest who is content with the least,
for content is the wealth of nature.

It was not until much later that I have realized that what I thought to be the worst day of my life up to that point was actually a wake up call. Like a bucket of ice cold water to a sleeping face this experience has shaken me to the core and transformed me in every possible way.  For the first time in my life I was aware and awake. All of my personal vices were left behind.  Still, I was left very confused.

I just couldn’t wrap my head around how it was possible for me to be so incredibly happy in the morning only to be holding a loaded gun in my hand a few hours later with full intent and a few seconds away from blowing my brains out.  After all, I had no history of mental illness nor have I experienced anything like that before.  I always prided myself on being mentally strong, but this incident was different. I had to find an answer. After all, I did not want to have that happen to me again.

In my early stages of self discovery I concentrated on most applicable modern sciences, yet I was left without an answer.  I dug further.  I kept researching and reading every possible science, occult, new age, sacred and religious book on the subject. I was on the mission.  I wanted to understand what had happened to me.  I couldn’t afford to have another episode.

It was only after reading hundreds of books on various subjects and combining various ideas together was I able to have my moment of realization. At that point I was shocked to my core. I couldn’t believe it.  What I found was life changing and truly transformational. I have rediscover an ancient secret that so many of the most powerful people in the world knew, but have never shared.  It all made sense now. I have rediscovered the hidden key to a superhuman power capable of giving anyone the life of their dreams.

Before I share that power with you, there was yet another realization that I must share with you first. In my research I have also found that for the most part,  ALL of humanity lives in misery and suffering. It’s just the way it is. Somehow we ended up with a human mind that is by design 75-80% negatively skewed.


Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored
than to anything on which it is poured.
-Mark Twain

Of course the misery and suffering is different for everyone and comes in many different shapes, forms and sizes.  It can take the shape of fear, depressions, jealousy, hate, anger, greed, failure, stress, envy, isolation and many others.  For some, the misery might stem from the loss of a loved one while others suffer because they can’t afford to buy a $5,000 purse.  While some might suffer because they don’t have cool friends, others live in misery because they don’t have enough food to eat that day.

While the cause is relative, the misery and the suffering is real. I think you get the idea.  It is always there, right below the surface. Setting off a whole range of negative feelings, thoughts and emotion in our bodies and our minds.  That is why most of us live the lives of beggars, even thought we could be living the lives of kings.

Pushing further into my research and practice I wondered if it was possible to reconcile this superhuman power I have discovered with the ability of getting rid of all misery and suffering  associated with human life.  To my amazement the answer was a resounding YES.  I found that the same superhuman power capable of turning you into a unstoppable force without any  limitations is also capable of melting all misery and suffering  away.

So much so that all misery, pain and suffering simply vanishes from your life, only to be replaced by a flood of positives.  You will begin to notice that fear, misery, jealousy, anger,  hate, failure, sadness, depression and the rest of the negative thoughts/feelings slowly go away only to be replaced by love, hope, success, happiness, ecstasy, bliss and joy.

That is exactly how I started my ascend from the ashes of self defeat and near suicide. By using the superhuman power presented to you in this book I was able to completely turn my life around.   To the point where the life I live today is of a completely different dimension and quality.  Words cannot describe it. Not only have I been able to become an unstoppable force without any barriers, living the life of my dreams, but I also live my life in absolute happiness, bliss and ecstasy. All  negative aspects of my human existence have simply vanished into thin air.

Abstract earth hoovering over an open hand with sky background

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth,
 faithfulness the best relationship.


Now that I have completely transformed my life and have seen firsthand how incredible this power is, I would like to do the same thing for you.  To give you this superhuman power and to make you unstoppable.  With this power there will be no barriers for you. You will be able to achieve anything or be anyone and there is no one and nothing that can stop or impact you. The best part is that you life will evolve into a constant stream of bliss where all negative aspects of your existence simply fade away. You will begin to truly love life and live in the constant state of ecstasy.  

Before we can do that, we have to answer one incredibly important question…

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